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the "international humour festival"
VIIIth edition, 2012, Aiud - Romania
“Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud “Inter-Art “Foundation Aiud

County Council Alba                           City Hall, Local Council Aiud

in partnership with Association  “Cusset - Aiud Echanges”, France

International humorous photo exhibition
VIIIth edition, 27 - 28 April, 2012, Aiud - Romania


Participation Rules
People from all over the world are invited to participate with humorous photos. Free theme.

Participation Conditions
The exhibition is open to all, regardless of the participants’ age or professional training. The participants can apply with 3-5 photos.

The authors of the selected photos will receive documentation about the exhibition. In order for the artists to receive the documentation for the exhibition, it is important that a valid address be written down on the application form. The artists’ contact information is confidential and will not be made public without their permission. (The subscription form can be downloaded from the festival homepage www.aiud-art.ro)

The authors of the selected photos who email they works (in digital format) will receive also by  email (the email address specified in the registration form) documentation about the festival.

Tehnical specifications
Technique: photography.
Every participant can send up to 1-5 works (black and/or white/color).
The works: for digital photos at least 1600x1200 pixels, to be sent in JPG format; for classical photos: original photos to be sent.
It is forbidden for the artist’s name, homepage or other information to be mentioned on the photo. This information will be specified in the application form and will be displayed next to the photo.

Application deadline
The application form can be downloaded at: www.aiud-art.ro ; or can be requested by email from: info@aiud-art.ro

The photographs will be sent to the address:
Fundaţia “Inter-Art” Foundation, Ştefan Balog
C.P. 40, 515200 Aiud, Alba, Romania

or by email to info@aiud-art.to (don’t forget the application form)

Deadline for sending the works: April the 1st 2012 (arrival date of the works)

Selecting the works
The jury will decide the final works to enter in the exhibition show.

Use of materials, copyright
The works participating in this festival must abide by copyright regulations. The participants must own all the rights to the works entering this exhibition. The participants agree with their works being displayed on the following sites: www.aiudonline.ro, www.aiud-art.ro and www.inter-art.ro, as well as within the events organized by the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center and the “Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud. The authors hold the copyright for their works.

All the personal data of the participants are confidential. Details concerning the participants can only be used for the proper functioning of the festival.

Final clauses
By taking part in this exhibition, the participant confirms having read and therefore understood the above-mentioned provisions. The works that do not respect these provisions will be disqualified. The organizers will not give back the artworks received.

For any question regarding the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
info@aiud-art.ro       www.aiud-art.ro

  - details about the festival:   download (111 kb) - download (98 kb)
  - entry form   download (115 kb) - download (97 kb)
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