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Ansamblul "Doina Aiudului"  
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„L. Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud
manager : sociologist Ioan Hădărig

"Doina Aiudului" Folk Group
Nicolae Moldovan, choreographer
Oltean Samoila, folk dance specialist
„Doina Aiudului” Folk Group

The „Doina Aiudului” Folk Group was founded in 2000 with the support of the authorities and folk loving people.
The repertoire of „Doina Aiudului” Folk Group includes customs, songs and folk dances from the Mureş and  Târnava valley from the Apuseni Mountains, as well as from other parts of the country.
The well known folk dances from the Mures valley „Haidăul cu bâta”, „Mureşul”, „Turdaşul” and „Haidăul cu două fete”, this being unique in the country, are specific of the romanian national folklore.
The singers as well as the dancers and orchestra are performing old melancholy Romanian folk songs from the region of Aiud.

Beside of this specific dances of the region, the group has in its repertoire dances from all the parts of the country, such as:
    - „Codrul”
    - „Oaşul”
    - „Someşul”
    - „Făgăraş” and „Crihalmă”
    - „Căluşul oltenesc”
    - „Banatul”
    - „Moldova”

The costumes from the Mures valley are composed from trousers, shirt embroidered with black and white, black waistcoat,leather belt, kerchief with tassels, black hat, black boots.
The “Codru” dance  has in its composition differently from those on Mures valley, shirt embroidered with red and black, black waistcoat with red and blue, straw hat. The “Oaş” dance costumes: gathered trousers, shirt with red, black and blue, waistcoat, shoulder bag, small “Oaş” hat. Those from the Someş have the following presentation: shirt with blue, waistcoat with tassels in different colors, black hat with beads, white trousers and tassels on boots. At the “Făgăraş” dance the costumes are: shirt with red, black and blue, white waistcoat with black, leather belt, small black hat with flowers.
At the “Crihalmă” dance there are only girls with white and black costume, white and black waistcoat, apron in front and small black hat with flowers.
The “Banat” dance has the following costumes: flowered costume, white shirt with blue and the girls with front and back aprons and coronet with flowers on the head.
At the “Moldavian” dance the boys wear black and white costume as well as flowered costume with red and black.
The “Căluş” dance from Olt region it’s performed only by boys, they wear black and white costume, big hats with beads, hatband on the back and they use sticks held upright whilst dancing, or pointing at the ground as a prop. They wear on their feet traditional romanian  peasant sandals with little bells.
All this costumes are genuine and are part of national patrimony. The orchestra of the group it’s composed from instrumentalists with the following instruments: violin, accordion, saxophone, taragot and contrabass.
The “Doina Aiudului” Folk Group presented shows in different cities from the country, took part at the ceremony of signing a twinning act of Aiud with Cusset from France, and participated at the following festivals:
    - International Folk Festival – Sibiu, Romania  2001
    - “Fetele de pe muntele Găina” 2001
    - “Strugurelul de aur” – Jidvei, Romania 2001
    - International Folk Festival – Călăraşi, Romania 2002
    - International Folk Festival „Interfolk 2002” - Kolobrzeg, Poland

Our folk group also participated at shows and broadcast of the Romanian Television from Bucharest at the  Village Museum.
Between  13-17 August 2002 the “Doina Aiudului” Folk Group from Aiud, Romania participated at the XIth  edition of the International Folk Festival „INTERFOLK-2002" which took place in Kolobrzeg from Poland. Next to other folk groups from Spain, Mexico, Russia ,Turkey and Poland, “Doina Aiudului”  performed  many shows and participated at the folk costume parade, proudly wearing the romanian costume.
In 2003 “Doina Aiudului” participated at international folk festivals in Hungary.
In 2004 at the International Festival of World Cultures, France.
In 2005 participated at the international festival from Portugal.
In 2006 in Athens – Greece
In 2007 in Italy and Greece
In 2008 in Sweden and Turkey
In 2009 in Germany
In 2010 in Turkey
The young group „Doina Aiudului” succeeded to impress the audience through its appearance, the artistic perfoming being at the highest level of professionalism.
Despite of the fact that wasn’t a contest, our group received the award of the Television, the award for the most beautiful dancer, the appreciation of specialists and the applauses of the audience, charmed by the beauty of dances.
The „Doina Aiudului” Folk Group it’s composed from very young members, although it’s not a professional group, the artistic performing it’s at the highest level of professionalism, their evolutions impressing the specialists as well as the audience.
The value of the repertoire, the accuracy, the eleggance of dacing execution are only the few elements which obtained a unanimous appreciation.

Choreographer  Nicolae Moldovan
Translation in english by Zoltan Balog

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